Tina Cobb Our Marketing/Operations Manager
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Tina Cobb

Tina Cobb Is Our Marketing/Operations Manager

Marketing/ Operations Manager
Years of Experience:
Associates Degree- Business Administration
Certifications/Licenses/Special Training:
Accounting, Marketing, and Logistics

Tina has been with Maintenance Medics for the past year and is the wife of our owner. Tina has a vast amount of experience in business and has worked freelance for several years assisting small businesses with developing efficient operation and marketing plans.

She is instrumental in the setup of the Maintenance Medics and has taken charge of the operations and marketing of the company. If there is a problem, she is the one who will work with our customers and vendors to resolve any issue that they may have.

She tells the crew every morning "the customer is the boss." Tina runs everything in the background and ensures that our operations run smoothly. When the techs are in the field, Tina is their lifeline anytime something is needed.