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Eric Juratic

Valparaiso, IN

Date: Mar 3, 2018
Call them at the last minute came out & did an awesome job recommending it 2 all of lake & porter county people
"Awesome Job"

Monica Bradley

Valparaiso, IN

Date: Mar 1, 2018
I have used maintenance Medics and am very pleased with the personnel and the work. In addition to getting a hornet's nest on the second floor for me my house looks absolutely beautiful after being washed by them. I highly recommend Maintenance Medics!
"Very Pleased"

Dan Matthews

Valparaiso, IN

Date: Feb 20, 2018
I had Todd do a number of handy projects around my house and his service wAs outstanding. Prompt, professional and knowledgeable. Thanks TKing.
"Prompt, Professional & Knowledgeable "

Bill Wolski

Valparaiso, IN

Date: Feb 17, 2018
Outstanding service. Highly recommended
"Outstanding Service "

Kerri Kales

Valparaiso, IN

Date: Dec 11, 2017
I had Ron do a plumbing, gas, and electrical job in my home. It was complicated to say the least. The guys were on time, polite, cleaned up their work area at the end of the day and then came back the next morning to finish. We didn't have gas nor water hooked up for him to test the lines for leaks, so he said to call him back when it was. Two weeks later I called him back. He was at another job and said he'd be right over when he was finished. True to his word, he was there in two hours. He repaired the leaks and even stayed late to help with another job that was added after he'd completed his work prior. I would definitely recommend Maintenance Medics to anyone!
"True To His Word!"
Services Provided
Residential Plumbing, Gas & Electrical

Tom Murray

Valparaiso, IN

Date: Jul 21, 2017
Called Rob for quote to install a retractable awning over our deck only to find out we did not have correct installation height! Upon that news decided to ask for quote to perhaps make our sorry 13 year old deck look better.He suggested replacing some worn decking, (as well as install a support post under stairs that was needed but was never built correctly) powerwash and stain entire deck as well as and remove green algae from our siding. We agreed to this hoped for transformation as he promised and were not one bit disappointed!? His crew came out as promised and began working.With a few new boards in place and the stairs off asked if we could add on some additional square feet to make it more functional. Luckily there was no problem in honoring this request! The entire project was a success. Loved the work on the deck and the softbrush wash to remove the unsightly green algae from siding. Our house and deck look new! At the end added on one more request to install sun sails on our deck to finally get some shade without the use of an awning. This was the icing on the cake!..we love and enjoy our "NEW" deck. Had great experience with this project working with Rob and crew supervisor Andrew who communicated with us every step of the way and delivered excellent results. Highly recommend!☺
"Highly Recommend!☺"

Hannah Boggs

Valparaiso, IN

Date: Feb 27, 2017
Extremely helpful, skilled, knowledgeable, and very fair prices! He is readily available to help with all your home projects and repairs. Will call back for future jobs.
"Extremely Helpful Handyman in Valparaiso, IN"
Services Provided
Residential Handyman Services

Doreen Poole

Valparaiso, IN

Date: Feb 26, 2017
Doreen Poole in the last week Service was excellent!! They where on time and gave me just what I wanted when I wanted it!! Thank you
"Service Was Excellent!!!"
Services Provided
Handyman Services

Date: Feb 12, 2017
They did a fantastic job hanging a chandelier and fans for me. They were prompt and fair with their price. I would recommend them.
"Prompt And Fair With Their Price!"
Services Provided
Minor Electrical Service

Lisha Marie

Valparaiso, IN

Date: Dec 13, 2016
Called Rob to repair my sink. They came out the next day and completed the job. I felt comfortable with them so I gave them my list of jobs I needed done. They finished and I am happy. I will call them and use them again. Five stars.
"I will call them and use them again"

Recent Jobs

Before Photos

pool deck repair restore before 5pool deck repair restore before 4

After Photo

pool deck repair restore before 4

Job Details

Location of Job: Valparaiso, IN
When: Aug 8, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Deck Restoration and Staining
Brief Explanation

Pool decks get a lot of use and even abuse in their lifetime. To keep them safe for your family, you need to constantly keep them functioning well with maintenance service. That's when you call Maintenance Medics for deck repair and restoration.

We do it all when it comes to fixing up decks. For instance, this deck was extended and covered. You can read about it here.

Restoring A Pool Deck in Valparaiso

In Valpo we have a lot of wooden decks. Nearly every house does and many of them are attached to or surrounding pools like this customer's. He really needed maintenance on this deck.

Before we ever picked up a stain or sandpaper, we inspected the deck. Although it was in pretty good shape, we tightened a few bolts and drove in a few loose screws.

After making sure that the structure was in good repair, we sanded the entire deck. This takes some time, but if you want your stain or paint to properly adhere or absorb, it is critical.

We had previously discussed a couple of color options, like a dark brown shown here:

Or even a reddish color that is extremely popular here in Indiana.

But finally we settled on a deep stain that would really highlight the masonry and walls on the home as well as contrast well with the blue of the pool.



Pool decks are always a pleasure to restore, repair, repaint and enjoy. I hope you call me when you need your deck redone, too!

Before Photos

wall siding soft washing

After Photo

soft washed siding

Job Details

Location of Job: Valparaiso, IN
When: Jun 5, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Exterior Cleaning
Brief Explanation

We get called all the time to pressure wash concrete and other hard surfaces. That's easy, you just get a high-pressure nozzle and go to town. But that can shred an asphalt shingle roof, or break in to brittle vinyl or dent aluminum.

When you need a more gentle touch, you need soft washing.

What is Soft Washing?

Growing on your roof and walls is an "algae" called Gloeocapsa Magma. It's actually not algae at all, but a bacteria called a cyanobacteria. This just means they photosynthesize light for energy. But they make a mess and really ruin the look of your home.

You can't actually just spray off the bacteria. Unlike high-pressure cleaning, soft washing uses a chemical solvent to do the work of killing and loosening algae, moss and bacteria on your home or roof. Then we use a low-pressure water jet to wash it away.

This way, your roof stays intact, your siding just looks great again and all of your home is something to behold.

Not every pressure washer knows how to soft wash. There is a certain amount of training and skill involved that some are not patient enough to learn. For Maintenance Medics, it was a no-brainer to get soft wash certified.

valparaiso soft wash certified

We can clean up your house, too. right now as the seasons are changing is the best time to get a great soft wash on your house in Valparaiso or any of the surrounding areas. So, give us a call!

Before Photos


After Photo


Job Details

Location of Job: Chesterton, IN
When: Nov 4, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Deck restoration
Brief Explanation

This customer wanted a new deck. They made the right decision in calling the Maintenance Medics. We helped them make a smart deck repair choice.

Deck Decision

Have a look at this Deck Power Washing job that we recently did.

We closely listened to the desires of the homeowner. They wanted a new deck. After seeing the existing deck, we found that they could achieve the look and feel of a new deck while saving a lot of money if they opted for a restoration.

After reviewing the two options that we presented to them, the choice was clear. They chose to repair the deck and restore its appearance with a new coat of paint.

Excellent Workmanship

We're proud to demonstrate our fine workmanship with every job. We take extreme caution to assure that our work stands up to high standards. This deck repair in Chesterton, IN was no exception.

First of all, we replaced the pieces of decking that had become too far weathered for repair. Then, we pressure washed the entire surface of all of the wood on the deck. This prepared the structure to be sealed and protected with a high quality, exterior wood deck paint product.

The adjacent photographs show the stark contrast from before to after the job was complete. The homeowner wasn't the only person to take notice of the fantastic results... One of the neighbors came over and asked us to do the same thing for their deck as well.

The homeowners saved over %50 off the cost of a new deck! They were extremely thrilled with the outcome.

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