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Job Details

Location of Job: Valparaiso, IN
When: Sep 13, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Pressure Washing
Brief Explanation

This job really highlights well the benefits of getting your residential property power washed. The customer was astonished at the results that we were able to reach. Having your deck power washed in Valparaiso, IN has never been better.

Clearly Established Scope Of Work

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When the team arrived at this customer's property, we walked around the home with the homeowner. She pointed out some of the areas of focus. She also discussed with us what her goals were regarding cleaning her home and her deck.

We offered our expert assessment and discussed with her how we felt we could best assist. After agreeing on a budget friendly price, she gave us the greenlight to begin work.

Having a clear understanding of work to be completed is a high priority of ours. We like to think of it as making sure that we see the vision that you have for your home.

Regularly Scheduled Cleaning

There are many benefits to having your property pressure washed. It keeps the home looking good and helps to preserve property value.

This home had a substantial amount of aggregate growth that had accumulated on the back patio. The green staining was no match for our deck pressure washing expertise.

Within short time, the deck was cleaned and looking new again. The home also really stood out after the cleaning. The homeowner was absolutely thrilled. She mentioned that she was surprised to see wood on her deck again. She thought that the green growth had taken over completely.

The homeowner was also appreciative of our budget friendly pricing structure. The job took 3 hours to complete. We were happy to serve another one of our fellow Valparaiso citizens.

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Valparaiso, IN
Client Testimonial
I put in a request for Rob to repaint my living room and kitchen, he did a wonderful job. I put the service request in online he contacted within an hour of putting the request in. The next day he was at my house on… ~ Stephen - Valparaiso, IN

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