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House Softwashing in Valparaiso

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wall siding soft washing

Job Details

Location of Job: Valparaiso, IN
When: Jun 5, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Exterior Cleaning
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Brief Explanation

We get called all the time to pressure wash concrete and other hard surfaces. That's easy, you just get a high-pressure nozzle and go to town. But that can shred an asphalt shingle roof, or break in to brittle vinyl or dent aluminum.

When you need a more gentle touch, you need soft washing.

What is Soft Washing?

Growing on your roof and walls is an "algae" called Gloeocapsa Magma. It's actually not algae at all, but a bacteria called a cyanobacteria. This just means they photosynthesize light for energy. But they make a mess and really ruin the look of your home.

You can't actually just spray off the bacteria. Unlike high-pressure cleaning, soft washing uses a chemical solvent to do the work of killing and loosening algae, moss and bacteria on your home or roof. Then we use a low-pressure water jet to wash it away.

This way, your roof stays intact, your siding just looks great again and all of your home is something to behold.

Not every pressure washer knows how to soft wash. There is a certain amount of training and skill involved that some are not patient enough to learn. For Maintenance Medics, it was a no-brainer to get soft wash certified.

valparaiso soft wash certified

We can clean up your house, too. right now as the seasons are changing is the best time to get a great soft wash on your house in Valparaiso or any of the surrounding areas. So, give us a call!

After Photos

soft washed siding
soft wash gutter cleaning
soft wash roof shingles valparaiso
before after soft washing
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(219) 307-4366
Valparaiso, IN
Client Testimonial
I put in a request for Rob to repaint my living room and kitchen, he did a wonderful job. I put the service request in online he contacted within an hour of putting the request in. The next day he was at my house on… ~ Stephen - Valparaiso, IN

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