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Before Photos

pool deck repair restore before 5pool deck repair restore before 4

After Photo

pool deck repair restore before 4

Job Details

Location of Job: Valparaiso, IN
When: Aug 8, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Deck Restoration and Staining
Brief Explanation

Pool decks get a lot of use and even abuse in their lifetime. To keep them safe for your family, you need to constantly keep them functioning well with maintenance service. That's when you call Maintenance Medics for deck repair and restoration.

We do it all when it comes to fixing up decks. For instance, this deck was extended and covered. You can read about it here.

Restoring A Pool Deck in Valparaiso

In Valpo we have a lot of wooden decks. Nearly every house does and many of them are attached to or surrounding pools like this customer's. He really needed maintenance on this deck.

Before we ever picked up a stain or sandpaper, we inspected the deck. Although it was in pretty good shape, we tightened a few bolts and drove in a few loose screws.

After making sure that the structure was in good repair, we sanded the entire deck. This takes some time, but if you want your stain or paint to properly adhere or absorb, it is critical.

We had previously discussed a couple of color options, like a dark brown shown here:

Or even a reddish color that is extremely popular here in Indiana.

But finally we settled on a deep stain that would really highlight the masonry and walls on the home as well as contrast well with the blue of the pool.



Pool decks are always a pleasure to restore, repair, repaint and enjoy. I hope you call me when you need your deck redone, too!

Before Photos

deck restoration before picture valparaiso handyman in westville indianadeck restoration before picture valparaiso handyman in westville indiana stains

After Photo

deck restoration after picture valparaiso handyman in westville indiana restored

Job Details

Location of Job: Westville
When: Oct 5, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Deck Restoration
Brief Explanation

When Brian called me about fixing his deck, I thought there would be a bolt loose or maybe it would need to be re-attached to his home; both of these maladies I repair a lot! Instead, his deck was in pretty bad shape and he called me to see if there was anything I could do to save it as he wasn't ready to get a completely new deck.

Lucky for him, I am a pretty good handyman (read my reviews if you don't believe me :-) ) and I was able to save his deck from demolition. The first thing I did was ascertain, for free, what the job would entail. I examined the wood, the stain and paint that were on it currently, looked at the fasteners and other things. I told Brian I could do the job and save his deck. He was relieved, wouldn't you be?

Anyway, we started with a good pressure washing (this is another specialty of mine), this removed the old paint, showed other areas that were more weather and water damaged. After this, I removed all the old boards and replaced them with new wood. The deck was now ready to be stained and protected.

I take my time with staining a deck to make sure that it looks fabulous, and I feel that this one does! After staining, I protected the wood and made sure there was nothing I missed. I cleaned up and Brian was very happy with the look and function of his new old deck.

Do you need a handyman to finish or refinish a deck for you? Then call me at (219) 307-4366.If all you need is a good cleaning, I pressure wash decks, too!

Before Photos

replace old framed shower valparaiso IN

After Photo

frameless glass shower installation valparaiso indiana maintenance medics handyman

Job Details

Location of Job: Valparaiso
When: Oct 10, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Frameless Glass Shower Install
Brief Explanation

Sometimes you want a whole new look because the old one is, well, old. Maybe you don't like the dinginess of the old room, or maybe you are just bored of looking at the same bathroom. So was Dave.

He called me looking for a way to improve the look of his bath without a full bathroom remodel. So I went to his home to give a consultation and free estimate. Right away I could tell Dave needed an update as he has an old brass-framed shower door and the paint color wasn't mixing well with the other colors of the bathroom.

I spoke to him about getting a glass shower door, and even a surround. He was intrigued and I showed him some of the different options we could go after. In the end, he chose a frameless glass shower with nickel fixtures (they don't rust!) and was tickled pink with the results!

Oh, we also gave the bathroom a fresh coat of paint to complement the frameless glass shower installation. This is what choosing a handyman can do for you! What do you think of it?

Recent Reviews

Eric Juratic

Valparaiso, IN

Date: Mar 3, 2018
Call them at the last minute came out & did an awesome job recommending it 2 all of lake & porter county people

"Awesome Job"

Monica Bradley

Valparaiso, IN

Date: Mar 1, 2018
I have used maintenance Medics and am very pleased with the personnel and the work. In addition to getting a hornet's nest on the second floor for me my house looks absolutely beautiful after being washed by them. I highly recommend Maintenance Medics!

"Very Pleased"

Dan Matthews

Valparaiso, IN

Date: Feb 20, 2018
I had Todd do a number of handy projects around my house and his service wAs outstanding. Prompt, professional and knowledgeable. Thanks TKing.

"Prompt, Professional & Knowledgeable "

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Maintenance Medics

142 E 632 N Valparaiso, IN 46383


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1. Will My Whole House Be A Mess?


Remodel projects can get messy. Especially when drywall repair is concerned.

We can assure you that the room/portion of your home that we're remodeling will get messy. The rest of your home however, will not.

With proper tarping and sectioning off of areas, we can make sure that the mess is consolidated in the area we're working.

As always, thorough cleanup will ensue each day and in particular once we complete the job.

2. Is A Permit Required?


When preparing for your remodel project, you'll want to expect to and plan on getting a permit. A permit is not necessary in all cases.

Generally speaking, if there will be alterations to the structure of the home, a permit must be pulled. Even if the living space will simply be altered, a permit is usually necessary.

It is best to check with the Porter County officials. I will be able to tell you in person what the next steps are for pulling a permit.

3. How Long Will The Project Take?


This is a tough question to answer without seeing the property. Our time commitment is directly proportional to the difficulty and size of the work desired. This should be understandable. We work fast and efficiently, however we do not cut corners off of quality craftsmanship. Your deadline is important to us. So is our good name and reputation.

The best way to answer this question is to allow us to come and evaluate the property. We look forward to meeting you, working for you and establishing a new friend in the city.