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Garbage Disposal Repair
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Is Your Garbage Disposal Not Functioning?

  • It's making my sink back up with water
  • It has turned into a fruit fly zoo. They're driving me nuts!
  • The smell is noxious
  • My dishes are piling up!
  • I can't clean my kitchen with the disposal like this
  • Please come quick! I have company coming over

Garbage Disposals Are Vital Components Of Your Home

If It Fails... You Have A Smelly Mess On Your Hands

Call Maintenance Medics! Valparaiso's Trusted Handyman

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Your Family Will Thank You

Everyone will be happy to have the garbage disposal working again. The dishes will get done. The kitchen will get clean. The septic smell will cease to permeate through the house. And, the fruit flies will have to find someone else's home to inhabit.

Can you imagine a free flowing sink? Watching the water drain quickly will be satisfying.

Local. Honest. Excellent.

Getting Garbage Disposal Repair in Valparaiso from the experts has never been easier!

We've been in the industry for a long time. We've successfully served 100's of customers.

When you call Maintenance Medics... you can trust that you've got the best local company on your side.

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deck restoration before picture valparaiso handyman in westville indianadeck restoration before picture valparaiso handyman in westville indiana stains

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deck restoration after picture valparaiso handyman in westville indiana restored

Job Details

Location of Job: Westville
When: Oct 5, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Deck Restoration
Brief Explanation

When Brian called me about fixing his deck, I thought there would be a bolt loose or maybe it would need to be re-attached to his home; both of these maladies I repair a lot! Instead, his deck was in pretty bad shape and he called me to see if there was anything I could do to save it as he wasn't ready to get a completely new deck.

Lucky for him, I am a pretty good handyman (read my reviews if you don't believe me :-) ) and I was able to save his deck from demolition. The first thing I did was ascertain, for free, what the job would entail. I examined the wood, the stain and paint that were on it currently, looked at the fasteners and other things. I told Brian I could do the job and save his deck. He was relieved, wouldn't you be?

Anyway, we started with a good pressure washing (this is another specialty of mine), this removed the old paint, showed other areas that were more weather and water damaged. After this, I removed all the old boards and replaced them with new wood. The deck was now ready to be stained and protected.

I take my time with staining a deck to make sure that it looks fabulous, and I feel that this one does! After staining, I protected the wood and made sure there was nothing I missed. I cleaned up and Brian was very happy with the look and function of his new old deck.

Do you need a handyman to finish or refinish a deck for you? Then call me at (219) 307-4366.If all you need is a good cleaning, I pressure wash decks, too!

Recent Reviews

Eric Juratic

Valparaiso, IN

Date: Mar 3, 2018
Call them at the last minute came out & did an awesome job recommending it 2 all of lake & porter county people

"Awesome Job"

Monica Bradley

Valparaiso, IN

Date: Mar 1, 2018
I have used maintenance Medics and am very pleased with the personnel and the work. In addition to getting a hornet's nest on the second floor for me my house looks absolutely beautiful after being washed by them. I highly recommend Maintenance Medics!

"Very Pleased"

Dan Matthews

Valparaiso, IN

Date: Feb 20, 2018
I had Todd do a number of handy projects around my house and his service wAs outstanding. Prompt, professional and knowledgeable. Thanks TKing.

"Prompt, Professional & Knowledgeable "

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It also allows us to accurately evaluate the scope of work. Often times people call over the phone and ask us to change their garbage disposal with a new one. In actuality, when we show up... the disposal simply needed a small repair. By visiting the property for free and offering a diagnostic service we can save the customers money from potential mistakes and erroneous costly repairs.

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Let's level here... Nobody is happy with a malfunctioning garbage disposal. It makes it hard to keep the kitchen clean if the sink isn't working properly. That means the kitchen stays dirty. Nobody wants to cook in a dirty kitchen... and you've got to eat. If you're not eating, you're not happy.

So call us, the maintenance medics. We're skilled at garbage disposal repair. We'll get that disposal working again. Then your sink will be fixed. Your kitchen will be clean. You'll enjoy cooking again, and... you'll be able to eat in your home!

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Maintenance Medics

142 E 632 N Valparaiso, IN 46383


You know what? Garbage disposal repair is one of our favorite services. We enjoy it because the homeowners/clients always breathe a huge sigh of relief when the sink is repaired. A malfunctioning disposal becomes such a pain point that when it is fixed the response is nearly overwhelming. We get a large intrinsic sense of satisfaction when we see how much happiness our services have brought our clients.

If you are in the middle of a kitchen remodeling project, then it may be a good idea to replace your garbage disposal at the same time.


1. How Do I Know If I Should Replace Or Repair My Disposal?


We will help you make that decision after inspecting the unit. You may think that the disposal needs to be replaced but we may find that a simple repair is all that was necessary.

There is a step you can take on your own to begin the diagnostic procedure. If your disposal has stopped turning on, you can try to reset it with a button that is found on the bottom of the disposal. In order to perform this function properly you must make sure that the switch for the disposal is in the "off" position. Then, press the button found on the bottom of the disposal unit. Typically this is a red button. You'll need to run cold water through the sink while you turn the switch to the "on" position and see if the disposal has reset.

You should know if the disposal has been restored to a functional condition. Disposals have a tell-tale sound to them that sound like a chainsaw beneath your sink.

If this reset function has failed to restore the disposal to its proper function... call us for further assistance.

2. How Do I Maintain My Disposal And Avoid Odor?


This is a very common question. First, the cause of the odors must be addressed. A disposal takes solid and liquid waste from the household and grinds it up before flushing it out of the home. The ground up waste matter can be a source of stagnant odor production if it has not been flushed completely.

There are a few steps you can take to prevent waste matter buildup and odor production.

  1. Always run water while using the disposal unit. This helps in the lubrication of the blades and moving parts. It also helps the destruction of the food particles.
  2. Allow water to run longer to ensure proper flushing. If the water is turned off prematurely, food particles can collect in the basin of the disposal. This is an odor source.
  3. Periodically flush with homemade or store-bought solutions.
  4. Avoid pouring bleach down the disposal. This can deteriorate the gasket seals of your disposal. It also creates harmful fumes.

3. What Cleaner Can I Safely Pour Down My Disposal?


There are two different types that we recommend. A DIY solution or a store-bought solution.

From household items you can put lemons and ice in the sink. Then, with copious amounts of water running, turn on the disposal and allow it to run. Keep water running well after the lemons and ice have been flushed. This process can be repeated every couple of weeks.

A store-bought option is with a product called Oxy Clean. When mixed with water this creates an odor killing and cleansing foam that is effective to pour down your drain. It is biodegradable and oxygen based so it is safe for use.

There are multiple other remedies that can be used. We cannot comment on each of them. The aforementioned are what we have found to be effective.