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Professional Flooring Installation

Flooring Installation
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We Can Install Any Type Of Flooring In Your Home

Do You Need New Flooring Installed In Your Home

  • Yes. We currently have carpet and would like to replace it with hardwoods
  • Yes. I need new tile flooring installed in my kitchen
  • Yes. Our floor is old and outdated. It's time for some new flooring to be installed
  • Yes. Our hardwood flooring is damaged and we need new hardwood flooring
  • Yes. My bathroom floor needs a makeover and I would like new tile flooring in there
  • Yes. We just bought a home and need all new flooring installed throughout

Have Your Floors Seen Their Better Days?

Old Worn Out Flooring Is Unsightly And Hurts Your Homes Value

Maintenance Medics Installs New Flooring Quickly & Professionally

New Flooring Installed Fast!

When you call Maintenance Medics to inquire about new flooring, you will get a prompt response and easy scheduling. If you already know what kind of flooring you would like to have installed, then we can get it put down for you super fast!

We will set an appointment to come out and provide a free estimate within 24 hours and sometimes sooner. If you're unsure of the type of new flooring that you want, we can help you make an informed decision based on your needs!


You Will Love Your New Professionally Installed Flooring!

Most people are amazed at the transformation that new floors can bring to their home. The pro's at Maintenance Medics can help you decide what the best flooring options are for your needs and will get it installed properly so that it lasts for a lifetime.

Regardless if you need hardwoods or tile, we will get your new flooring installed!

We Are Flooring Installation Experts

The Maintenance Medics have installed many new floors. As a premier handyman company in Valparaiso, you can trust us to provide you with quality craftsmanship in everything we do.

Many of the kitchen remodeling projects that we do includes the installation of new tile flooring and we're professionals when it comes to installing new wood flooring. As a matter of fact, we're so confident in our work, that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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New Flooring Has Many Great Benefits!

1. Increases your homes value

2. Getting rid of old flooring cuts down on allergens

3. Upgrading to hardwoods increases your floorings longevity

4. Tile provides the perfect high traffic and waterproof surface for kitchens and bathrooms

5. We will haul away your old flooring

6. You will love the way your new floors make your home look

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Before Photos

deck restoration before picture valparaiso handyman in westville indianadeck restoration before picture valparaiso handyman in westville indiana stains

After Photo

deck restoration after picture valparaiso handyman in westville indiana restored

Job Details

Location of Job: Westville
When: Oct 5, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Deck Restoration
Brief Explanation

When Brian called me about fixing his deck, I thought there would be a bolt loose or maybe it would need to be re-attached to his home; both of these maladies I repair a lot! Instead, his deck was in pretty bad shape and he called me to see if there was anything I could do to save it as he wasn't ready to get a completely new deck.

Lucky for him, I am a pretty good handyman (read my reviews if you don't believe me :-) ) and I was able to save his deck from demolition. The first thing I did was ascertain, for free, what the job would entail. I examined the wood, the stain and paint that were on it currently, looked at the fasteners and other things. I told Brian I could do the job and save his deck. He was relieved, wouldn't you be?

Anyway, we started with a good pressure washing (this is another specialty of mine), this removed the old paint, showed other areas that were more weather and water damaged. After this, I removed all the old boards and replaced them with new wood. The deck was now ready to be stained and protected.

I take my time with staining a deck to make sure that it looks fabulous, and I feel that this one does! After staining, I protected the wood and made sure there was nothing I missed. I cleaned up and Brian was very happy with the look and function of his new old deck.

Do you need a handyman to finish or refinish a deck for you? Then call me at (219) 307-4366.If all you need is a good cleaning, I pressure wash decks, too!

Recent Reviews

Eric Juratic

Valparaiso, IN

Date: Mar 3, 2018
Call them at the last minute came out & did an awesome job recommending it 2 all of lake & porter county people

"Awesome Job"

Monica Bradley

Valparaiso, IN

Date: Mar 1, 2018
I have used maintenance Medics and am very pleased with the personnel and the work. In addition to getting a hornet's nest on the second floor for me my house looks absolutely beautiful after being washed by them. I highly recommend Maintenance Medics!

"Very Pleased"

Dan Matthews

Valparaiso, IN

Date: Feb 20, 2018
I had Todd do a number of handy projects around my house and his service wAs outstanding. Prompt, professional and knowledgeable. Thanks TKing.

"Prompt, Professional & Knowledgeable "

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With so many flooring options available these days, you will almost always find the perfect flooring including installation that will fit your budget.

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1. Do you install laminate flooring?


Yes we do. We install both real hardwoods and laminate flooring.

2. Do you recommend tile or hardwoods for a kitchen or bathroom?


Usually we will recommend tile in any room that's susceptible to water exposure. Hardwood flooring is the most vulnerable to water damage. But if you want the look of hardwoods in your kitchen or bathroom there are tile and even waterproof laminate options available to give you the look you desire without the worry of water damage!

3. Do you haul away the old flooring?


Yes. If you have flooring that needs to be torn out before laying the new floor, we will properly remove and dispose of the old flooring.